7 Day Song Challenge [Day 1]

A lot of my facebook friends have been participating in the 30 Day Song Challenge, and whilst it looks fun, I decided I’d rather bring it over to my blog where I can have a bit more creative freedom. And so the 7 Day Song Challenge was born. Creative title, I know.

Having 30 days worth of options to choose from I’m a bit spoilt, but I thought I’d go with the following:

Day 1 – a song that makes me happy
Day 2 – a song that is a guilty pleasure
Day 3 – a song that reminds me of someone
Day 4 – a song that I want to play at my wedding
Day 5 – a song that makes me laugh
Day 6 – a song that I can play on an instrument
Day 7 – a song from my childhood

So I’ll start with day 1, funnily enough.

A song that makes me happy: Bloc Party – Flux / Bloc Party – One More Chance.

Ok so technically that’s two songs, but it is the same artist, and I make the rules here so suck it up. I can put these two songs on (max volume) and they will instantly cheer me up, get my feet moving and make me as bouncy as a rabbit on a pogo stick.

Bloc party are one of those bands that consistently create music that make me want, nay, need to move. Thank you for being my happy song Mr Bloc Party 🙂


3 Responses to 7 Day Song Challenge [Day 1]

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