7 Day Song Challenge [Day 5,6,7]

Having been a bit busy these past few days I did neglect to keep up with the 7 day song challenge. However! This does not mean failure since I don’t remember specifying that the 7 days had to be consecutive, ha!

Anyway, rather than continue spamming my own blog with 3 more days of videos I thought I’d just go ahead and catch up on all 3 days in one nice big video-heavy post.

And so we begin/continue! Day 5 – a song that makes me laugh

Flight of the Conchords – Bret you’ve got it going on:

This is a favorite on my iPod (much to the bewilderment of non-fotc fans) and it deeply saddens me that the TV series has ended and I never had the opportunity to see them at a live gig. Bad times 😦

Day 6 – a song that I can play on an instrument

I can only play (badly) 2 songs, on 2 different instruments, so lets go with both.

Nirvana -About a girl:

Back in ’05 an awesome guy I knew offered to help me learn to play the guitar. I owned a beautiful purple acrylic string bass and up until that point had done nothing but throw it appreciative glances and stroke it lovingly. This was the first (and only) song I learnt before giving in to the realisation that I really wasn’t dedicated enough to continue and live with the ever present finger burns.

The Animals – House of the rising sun:

My mum was great on the keyboard, and she taught me how to play this when I was a child, using the handy addition of little lettered stickers on the keys. I don’t have a great musical talent (unless memorising song lyrics counts?) so this remains the only song I can play, and I certainly don’t do it any justice! A fantastic song by an equally fantastic band.

Day 7 – a song that reminds me of childhood

Without a doubt this has to be The Steve Miller Band – The Joker:

Invokes memories of sitting at the top of the hallway stairs (well past bedtime) listening to this playing on my dads stereo, whilst he strummed along on his guitar surrounded by a haze of cigarette smoke. Remains a favorite and is a regular on my iPod shuffle.


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