Packing them off to nursery

This week marked the childrens first full days in nursery whilst I went to work, and already parent guilt has set in. They spend roughly 10-11 hours a day in childcare, that’s longer than the average working day!
They have breakfast, lunch AND dinner at nursery – so basically they live there and just come home to sleep.
Is this what being a working mum is? I’ve worked since Xander was just a few months old, but I was freelance and could pick and choose the projects I wanted, ones that would let me work from home or just a few days away. Now I’m all grown up and have a full time job in an office and a house in London – freelancing just isn’t secure enough anymore.
Was I kidding myself when I thought that I could do this? I’ve been through tougher times for sure, but nothing plucks the heart strings more than walking away from my children at 7:30 every morning, knowing that I wont see them till at least 6:00 that night.
Am I really strong enough to do this? How do working mums cope with this guilt? đŸ˜¦


2 Responses to Packing them off to nursery

  1. susankmann says:

    I have wrote so many posts on this and had so many conversations. I don’t cope so well with the guilt. But I do appreciate my time with them on my days off more. x

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Susan,

    Thanks so much for commenting, I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, didn’t get a notification of a reply. Silly wordpress!

    Does the guilt thing fade with time? I think I feel *more* guilt as the weeks go by, because I realise that I’m seeing them less and less. Must make more of the weekends I think.


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