Augmented reality becomes reality

I was reading a rather interesting article yesterday on how a major brand has made nifty use of augmented reality, and it got me a bit excited. Now, I’m not a lover of Marmite (for the record, I hate it) but the new app developed with Blippar has made me want to dash to the nearest supermarket and buy a jar just so I can try out this awesomeness.

Can you imagine the possibilities for other brands, as this technology evolves? Even something as simple as Sony’s TV Size Guide tool could be developed into something so much more – redecorate an entire room virtually before picking up a paintbrush, or rearrange your furniature without breaking a sweat.

The music geek in me is also getting a bit excited at all the things artists could do – ooooh the anticipation! What would you do with AR, if you could develop anything?

Image credit: Tasty days via a Bing image search


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