A little out of touch and time

You know what I hate? When someone that writes a blog feels obliged to apologise when they’re too busy to keep it up. And yet here I am, making my own excuses.

I do have some valid reasons though, I’m incredibly busy with work and the children, and also undertaking the enormous (yes, HUGE) task of swapping my blog over to self-hosted. If I had more than an hour a night between getting home and going to bed I’m sure this process would be much faster, but such is life.

I find myself sitting on the train on my way home drafting blog posts in my head. I write down my thoughts in my notebook in the hopes that I’ll find a few minutes to write them up when I get home, but it just never happens. I currently have a list of 22 subjects I want to write about. I’m sure the world can survive without my thoughts on men with pointy shoes and cushions that cost £300 – but I’d prefer to think my thoughts are incredibly important.

Especially the ones about men wearing pointy shoes.

Image credit: A random watch website via a Bing image search


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