Seven words

My lovely friend Alex at Doing it all for Aleyna has created a linky called Seven Words, read more about it here.

The idea is to describe your current life in just 7 words, then explain it briefly.

I waited a few days to post this because I’ve been so emotional of recent and didn’t want my 7 words to be all morbid and sad, but then I realised today that I am a bit morbid and sad, and my words should reflect reality. So …

Coping with grief and healing through writing.

My last blog was a bit of a confession, clear the air, share a secret kind of post. And I realised after reading through the comments that writing can be just as healing as physically talking to another person. Especially when you’re not ready to talk to a real person yet. Not that online people are not real people, but it’s just easier, y’know?

So thats me right now. Trying to cope with grief, trying to heal through blogging.