Down time

I’m taking a blog hiatus. My life is throwing lots of complicated and time consuming things at me right now, so I need to go away and sort things out … then I’ll be back and dare I say it, even better than before. Ha!


Penguin of Death

This little fella has been a good friend of mine for a few years now. I just wanted to share his pretty face.

The writing that you can’t read because of my utterly useless camera is as follows;

“The Penguin of Death.

Things you need to know:

1. He is strangeley attractive because of his enigmatic smile

2. He can kill you in any 1 of 412 different ways.”

I also happen to own this rather spectacular hairbrush. Gotta love Edward Monkton.



Goodbye Livejournal, Hello WordPress!

After a long and arduous battle with Livejournal (my account was deleted without warning) i decided it was time to say goodbye and move to pastures new.

I had been meaning to jump over to WordPress for quite some time now, so i guess you could call this a blessing in disguise. If by blessing you mean a year’s worth of blogs deleted, and by disguise you mean Livejournal is evil and i hate them.

I’m still considering the pro’s and con’s of transferring my archived blogs over. For: I wont look like a blogging n00b. Against: Archive is located in the depths of my former laptop with the broken screen (RIP).

In the meantime, i shall continue to write the usual entertaining yet thoughtful blogs my faithful audience has come to expect of me.

Image credit: I Can Haz Cheezburger