Letting my children run free

I confess, I’m an over protective parent.

Perhaps its the fact that the increase in news and media platforms have made dangers to children so much more prolific now than times gone by, or maybe its because Xander’s special needs make me want to wrap him up in cotton wool – but my children just don’t get to play outside anywhere near as much as I did when I was growing up. And they’re not alone, it seems.
Recent research from Savlon and Play England shows that children are missing out on the joys that the outdoors has to offer, and on a on a huge scale too, with shocking insights such as 42 per cent of children reporting that they’ve never made a daisy chain, 32 per cent saying that they’ve never climbed a tree, and over a quarter have never even experienced the simple fun of rolling down a hill.

Before we moved to London we lived on a working farm in Hereford – so even though we had all this space around us (80 acres of farmland all to ourselves) I was too scared to let them go outside in case they fell over or put things in their mouth when I wasn’t looking .
Now we live in the beautiful borough of Greenwich, right on the border of Kent,  and we’re surrounded by all these beautiful green spaces and walks and I know that we should be making the most of them, but I’m still making excuses to keep them inside. The result is all of us starting to get a severe case of cabin fever with tantrums galore (from me and the kids) because Xander and Piper are really itching to get outside. My fears of them having an accident are holding my children back, and that makes me sad because I practically grew up outside, playing in dirt, rolling down hills and building dens. I was a total tomboy and spent most of my summers covered in cuts and scrapes.

So based on all of this, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to let my kids ‘run free’ and give them the freedom that they need to explore the world outside for themselves. To kick this off I’m planning to host a my own event on the 3rd of August, celebrating National Playday. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of the parents at our nursery involved, which might also be a nice way of making some mummy friends in the area, because I have none!

Are you planning anything for National Playday? Make sure you sign up here, and download your blog badge here. If you don’t have time to host your own event, check the map here to find an existing one in your area. Lets make the 3rd of August a magical day of play that we’ll all remember 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to use the #SavlonPlayday hashtag so we can all link up and swap playday tips!

Disclaimer: Savlon is a client of my employer, but this post is entirely my own.

Update: Due to lack of time, and my children’s nursery mainly consisting of working parents , I won’t be hosting my own event now. Instead I’m teaming up with the amazing Donna at Not Yet A Yummy Mummy and taking the children to run free in Richmond Park. Come and join us if you’re in the area 🙂