I Love the British Museum

Its true. I do. Thank you British Museum, for being so utterly amazing and doing a splendid job of cheering me up.

Yesterday was Date Day with my other half and since it was my turn to choose I went ahead and booked tickets for the Egyptian Book of the Dead exhibit. In case you’re wondering, a book of the dead is (simply put) a sort of spell book containing a collection of texts meant to help ensure safe passage through the afterlife. Think beautiful illustrations and hieroglyphics on thousand of year old papyrus.
Putting aside the slightly annoying pushy people, the exhibit itself was fantastic, displaying pieces up to 3500 years old! I really enjoyed the digital integration, with an introduction video before entering and interactive media throughout, and the Reading Room housing the display was pretty breathtaking. I hear the room and books will be open to the public proper in 2012, yay!

The exhibit ends 6th of March (to make way for an Afghanistan display) so if you want to go along and have a look, which I seriously recommend you do, you best get a-moving!