From Poland with love

This past weekend I went to Poland for a wedding. It was an interesting experience.

Things that I learned:

  • Poland has lots of trees
  • Polish people can drink LOTS of vodka and still have the ability to throw a punch
  • Polish people eat way too much potato/meat. Even the salads contain meat. No joke
  • Polish people don’t like people with blue hair

Ok so that last one might be a bit generalistic. (Is that a real word? Its is now …) Well they’re all generalistic to a point, but I can only go on what I experienced.

I really did have a great time at the wedding and language barrier aside I met some great people and feel like I’ve come away with some fantastic new friends. But there were exceptions to the rule, especially on my last day in Poland when we went to a town called Inowrocław.

I’m used to people looking at me, maybe occasionally pointing – I do have blue hair – but I don’t think I’ve ever been made to feel so disgusting before. People were walking past and pointing at me, giving me ‘the look’. You know, that dirty look when you skim someone from head to toe then look at them like they just shit in the popes hat.
I stood on that street for less than 10 minutes and at least 15 people walked past and gave me the look. I felt like crying. I’m proud to be that little bit different and see my hair as a way of expressing myself, but for those 10 minutes I stood desperately wishing that I was normal. And that makes me disappointed in myself.

Returning to London with its anonymous culture and people that won’t make eye contact and neighbors that don’t know your name felt like coming home. Ironic.

I’m trying not to let the experience completely ruin my opinion of Poland and doing my best to look at the incident with a touch of humour. Who knows, maybe they thought I was Lady Gaga.