Date Day

New Year’s resolution; creation of Date Day.

Once a month my other half and I will dedicate one full day to Us. This does not exclude the possibility of any other days out or activities during the month, but will act as a guaranteed 100% sure thing that other obligations such as work/life/work will not interfere with.

A busy life is good, but one must always make time for the important things. Priorities in correct order. Life balance.

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Life is fragile

I saw a person die today, and it reminded me of how temporary life really is. Granted, the lady was well into her later years but does that make her death any less relevant? What if she never achieved the things she wanted in life? What if she didnt want to die alone? What if she still had hopes and dreams? What if, what if, what if?

I didn’t know this person and i’m not going to fib and declare that seeing her pass away will be the catalyst for me to make big changes in my life, but it did make me reassess a few things. It made me realise that i have been wasting way too much of my 81.6 expected years worrying about the small things recently when really i should be focusing on achieving the big things. The ‘really important and will make me happy’ things. These things are different for everyone but for me they’re pretty straight forward – a happy family, a job i can feel passionate about, a few close friends and a good jaunt about the world when the children are old enough to come too.
You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to incorporate a few Zen principles into your life, just take a moment to evaluate what’s really important in your life and make those things your priorities and stop trying to perfect everything. Instead make each day count:  “Don’t pursue the past: don’t wait for the future. Just do today with all your heart what must be done today. Who can know the death of tomorrow?” (Sutra M.N)

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